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Design your own CD covers!
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ckCover is a program to design and print CD covers or CD inlays.
After trying a lot of programs and templates for Word, I concluded they didn't work properly or introduced viruses. So I decided to write a CD cover program myself. I'm happy with the result; It does do exactly what I wanted.

After reading the picture for the front cover it is scaled and placed on the right position. After reading the text for the back cover it places itself on the right place, also the splines will be filled with the right text.
On the help pages you will find a description of how to download the front pictures and the contents list for the back from the internet.


At startup of the program the mainscreen is shown.
Main Screen It contains a number of Buttons and the layout of the most recent project. Also cutting lines and two frames for the front and back inlays are shown.



ckCover is a free program. Don't hesitate to e-mail comments or questions. Give ckCover to you family and friends!


Download the program ckCover now. The programma is free. You can try it without any risc; you can easily remove it from your computer if you don't like it. ('Start | Configuration | Software', scroll to ckCover and click 'Add/Remove').

Download the program as follows:

First method (downloading and installation)
This is the simplest way:
Second method (downloading and save)
Use this way when you want to install ckCover on more then one computer or give the program to family or friends:


Installation of the programma simple too. Asuming the downloaded program has been saved in 'c:\Temp' then: Now follow the directions of the setup program to install ckCover on your computer.