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Chris' Links

Google Web www.ckweb.nl
Here is a number of practical links, headings are:

Search Engines
Vindex Dutch search engine
Ilse Dutch search engine
Zoek Dutch search engine
Findit Dutch search engine
Track The fastest Dutch search engine, searches on category too. Gives a selection of the news.
DirectHit Gives from most asked sites 
 - 10 hits 
 -   8 partial hits
Profusion Meta search engine
Stock Values, etc. (Dutch) Stock values on Dutch TeleText (15 minutes delay)
NOS-TeleText 520 - AEX, AMX, Indices
Nyfer Research center of Nijenrode (Fondsen-Monitor). Trends of economy, also a review of investment funds
InfoExchanges Stock values, data, advices
Year reports Year reports - Dutch
Year reports Year reports - International
Behr Interresting site
Teletext board Hauppage WinTV Radio/TV/Teletext board
Genealogie (Dutch) Program "Oedipus" by L.G. Lamain
WebCollege Cursus Genealogie van het Nederlanse Web-College (Dutch)
NVG Dutch Genealogy Society
CBG Central Bureau for Genealogy
Rijksarchief Archives of the 'Rijks-Archief'
10.000 Webcams Links to more then 10.000 Webcams.
Loch Ness Look for the monster of Loch Ness.
Taxi in New York Join a ride in a New York Taxi.
Safari Webcams Various Webcams in wild parks.

HCC gg HCC Pascal Users Group Home Page (Dutch)
Borland Borland-Delphi homepage.
Borland Delphi Developer Support - Technical Support Pages.
Borland The Delph library - Borland papers.
Borland - News Review of articles about Delphi.
Bugs Listing of all known bugs in Delphi with solutions.
Delphi Super
Has a Delphi UPLOAD section, plus new files almost daily - this is a must use Delphi site !
Eagle Software Home of the incredibly cool Delphi 3 software CodeRush.

SimTel Very large site with software for all platforms
WWcg Wicked Willey's computer guide
Windows95 A lot of W95 software
WinFiles Very large site with software for all platforms
Jumbo A lot of shareware
MS-Europa European site of Microsoft (Londen)
Tucows Loading takes a long time, but is usefull

News Groups
DejaNews Archive of news groups
Gen. Benelux News group of the Society Genealogy Benelux.

MP3.BOX Large collection of CD's in MP3 files
Lycos-MP3 Search Engine for MP3 files
Oth Search Engine for MP3 files
Savvy Search Search Engine for MP3 files
MP3 Search Search Engine for MP3 files
123MP3 Search Search Engine for MP3 files
Acid Search Search Engine for MP3 files
Palavista Search Engine for MP3 files
DMusic Search Engine for MP3 files
Dave Central Review of programs for downloading MP3 files
Cabaret Links, (Dutch) texts, program's.
Galeries First Art Fair on Internet. Virtual art fair of (Dutch) Galeries.
Kunstkontakt 4000 works of art from more than 800 Dutch artists. Contact with artists is possible.
Kunstkoop Net Dutch Society of Art Galaries.
Galeriebond Art Galeries.
Art in Lim. Editions Art by Post.
Art Site -
Art Online -
Kunstverzand Original grafical work in limited edition (German)
Beeldende Kunst
The "Art Library" of Amsterdam. Also for non members.
Art Ring
Series of Home Pages of Artists.
AAA Gallery Artists AAA Gallery.
Musea Links to musea, also virtual musea and expositions.
Theater Agenda's of theater performances and concerts plus links to theaters and concert podiums.