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Icoon ckCover helps you to design covers or inlays for CD boxes. It is a simple program without any fuss, it excactly does what it is supposed to do. Download the latest version 1.00d.

Icoon Mondriaan; Enjoy fine color combinations. View them without Title Bar or in Full Screen mode.
The number of color panes is adjustable. Download the latest version 1.10a.

Icoon ckRGB is a Color Picker. It shows screen colors in normal hexadecimal notation and in "Web Save" hexidecimal notation. Use it to copy the exact colors of example web pages. The latest version is 1.00a. Download the program and get the right colors!

Icoon ckViewer is a simple viewer for Jpeg and Bmp pictures. The pictures are sorted by date; the newest on top. You may rotate or edit the picture. The latest version is Download this new version or upgrade to it and enjoy your pictures in chronological order.

Icoon VUmeter; Check your digital recording level to improve your audio recordings. This stereo level indicator has a dB scale. Fast or slow fall back are provided. The latest version is . Download the program and improve your sound recordings.

Icoon ckBackup; Keep your data save, make backups the easy way, with one click! It's simple to restore the data. Use an hard disk or CD-r/w as a backup device. The new version is . Download the program and backup your data in one click!

Icon Birthday; Helps you to never again forget your moms birthday or other important events. Birthday doesn't uses precious system resources. Easily import data. The latest version is 2.34. Download the free demo or the upgrade.

Icon Reminder; Don't forget important events. Reminder warns you once a week or every two weeks, every month, etc., etc. The latest version is 2.21. Download the free demo or upgrade.

Icon SIM: Systematically file your information and find it back easily. Your data is stored in a tree structure. Easily add new nodes to keep your data ordened. The latest version is 2.33. Download the program or upgrade and orden your ideas, tips, notes, etc..

Icon ckSync; Synchronize your Desktop in one click with your Laptop, USB Stick, External Drive or Network drive. Download the new version now!

Icon Vortex; Thè method to automatically make money on the stock market. No specialized knowledge required! Easily download Stock Prices with the new version 1.32b. Download the program and beat the stock market!