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Vortex Order Form

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The Vortex Method; A full account of how the Vortex Method was developed, with operating examples and how it can make you investment grow by using dynamic trading. Only in Dutch.
The Vortex Method; This is Section 6 of the Dutch E-mail book. It shows the mathematical details of the Vortex Advice Generator. English.
VORTEX FOREX (Standard):
Excel version of the Vortex Program. E-mail issue. The Foreign Exchange trading software with variable leverage, pip definition, trading costs, interest earnings & Margin Call Warning!
Technical Support at No Charge.
As the FOREX (Standard) above, Plus: Equity Credit Trading feature. Allows for safe investing using Net Portfolio Value.
Vortex TurboVest; This special method using equity credit dynamic investing can be applied to Vortex Excel or Windows software. Specify English or Dutch Language.
VORTEX Investment Program:
Fully working issue. Windows Vista/7/8/10. English or Dutch operating language and Help File at the click of a button. With Investment Administration Module. Vortex can be downloaded and used for 30 days without any charges!
Downloading from: http://www.ckweb.nl/vortex_us/index.php
VORTEX Investment Program: (Registration)
Issue of Registration Code. See above for program details. Free E-mail support software issues.
VORTEX Excel Program (Standard):
E-mail Issue; This is a very useful tool for doing trade simulations or managing your actual investment. Can not perform Equity Credit Investing simulations. Specify English or Dutch.
VORTEX Excel Program (TurboVest):
E-mail Issue; This is a very useful tool for doing trade simulations or managing your actual investment. TurboVest Model. Specify English or Dutch.
OPERATING Support Service:
"How to use the Excel and Windows Vortex Investment techniques. E-mail service. This a very useful personal service. Specify English or Dutch. Support Service Contract per month.
E-mail Course Vortex Method Investing. (Dutch Language only.) Personal attention to student's progress via e-mail or telephone. Price negotiable on number of sessions. Course content is based on the information in the book. Duration: Approximately 3 months
  • The Vortex TurboVest software allows negative Portfolio Reserve. To simulate or execute Equity Credit investing. The Vortex TurboVest Method Instruction Manual is to be ordered to use the TurboVest Mode effectively. Equity Credit investing achieves accelerated portfolio growth, relative to the Vortex Method. For experienced investors only.
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      Pre Payment Instructions.
  • From The Netherlands: List Price incl. BTW @ 21%. Bank transfer to Vortex Technologies, Nieuwegein. Bank account: NL 50 ABNA 0435595717.

  • From other countries: List Price. Net payment to Vortex Technologies. Bank transfer in Euro.
    Pay to Vortex Technologies, Nieuwegein.
    Bank account:
       NL 50 ABNA 0435595717.
       SWIFT or BIC code: ABNANL2A.

  • Cash payments in only Euros, US and Canadian Dollars are accepted. Round the amount up to the nearest amount in paper currency only. Vortex Technologies shall not be responsible for lost money. Cash receipts will be recorded in the Vortex Administration. Mailing address:

    Conrad Winkelman/ c/o Vortex Technologies
    Prinsessenweg 31A
    3433 AB Nieuwegein
    The Netherlands

    Use opaque envelopes. Payments in other than Euro's must be accompanied by a surcharge with a minimum of US$ 20 for cash currency conversion costs and processing time.
    Payment via bank transfer or PayPal is the preferred way of paying!
    Payments via PayPal: Add 6% for the PayPal Transfer cost. PayPal Reference: C.L.H. Winkelman & e-mail address eng@vor[remove this]tex.demon.nl

  • Note 1
    A Money Order, Cheque, MoneyGram or Western Union transfers are to be net payments to the receiver. For payments for which Vortex pays transfer or conversion fees the documents will be held until full payment is received. For Order cancellation 20 will be deducted from the received amount.

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